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Avocado Indian - 500 gms

    • ₹129.00

    • ₹199.00
  • image 35%

Avocado Indian - 500 gms

    • ₹129.00

    • ₹199.00

In India, avocados are grown in southern tropical states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. The Indian avocado is often considered to be nuttier in flavour and has firm flesh when opened at the right time. The major difference between the Indian and international varieties is primarily the oil percentange (fat content), with Indian avocados having roughly 12% (6% less than international types)

What makes Avocado a superfood?

Avocados are smooth and creamy fruits with a unique nutrition profile. They are rich in antioxidants. They contain vitamin K, vitamin A, carotene, essential amino acids, copper, potassium, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, and phytosterols. Avocado is a weight-loss-friendly fruit and is helpful in osteoarthritis. It reduces cancer risk.


- Rich in Vitamin B6 - 40% of RDA

- Rich in Vitamin K - 36% of RDA

- Dietary fiber - 13.5 g

Best way to consume:

- Enjoy it simply seasoned with salt and pepper, on a crisp toast or in a tasty guacamole

Country Of Origin:  India
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