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Ber Apple - 1 Kg

    • ₹89.00

    • ₹99.00
  • image 10%

Ber Apple - 1 Kg

    • ₹89.00

    • ₹99.00

- Sourced from Verified Partner Farms per our stringent sourcing guidelines

- Non - GMO

- Immunity Booster: Contains generous amounts of Vitamin C

- Small, round & oblong shape with thin, glossy skin & mildly floral flavor

- Can be stored in a refrigerator sealed for up to a week


What makes Ber Apple Special?



Rich in Vitamin C - 77% of RDA

Rich in Potassium - 5% of RDA

Dietary Fiber - 10 g


Health Benefits:

Ber apples are a great healthy snack because of their high fibre content and low calorie count.

Ber apples are also strong in flavonoids and bioflavonoids, which are necessary for the absorption of vitamin C and aid digestion, circulation, and allergy prevention.


How to enjoy your Ber Apples?

Pickles, chutneys, and candies can be prepared from ber apples, or they can be crushed and mixed with water for a refreshing drink.

Ber apples can be eaten raw or seasoned with salt.

Country Of Origin:  India
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